Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Drambuie - still horrendous

Drambuie - the name comes from an dram buidheach,the drink that satisfies - is a whisky liqueur, the recipe for which allegedly has its source in the addled mind of Prince Charles Edward Stuart.

I've never liked it. Too cloyingly sweet (honey and, ahem, 'herbs' allegedly provide the flavour). Indeed, I dislike sweet liqueurs generally. And cocktails. Unless, of course one is watching The Big Lebowski and consuming numerous White Russians (milk, vodka, ice, Kahlua. Alcoholic iced hot chocolate). Anyway I obtained some supposedly 'old-style' Drambuie miniatures and last night, I opened one.

Some 14 hours later, my mouth still feels like it's been coated with alcoholic treacle. Absolutely awful. Who drinks this stuff? No wonder Prince Charlie lost the '45 if he was quaffing this stuff. Dude.

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macnicol said...

Drambuie is best when taken "over the rocks" as it cuts the sweetness. a good cigar with it also makes it a very satisfying after dinner drink with friends.